Machine Translation Archive

Recent Additions


Updates are currently made at intervals of four-six weeks.


Principal recent additions in the last six months are:


2017 January                Asling conference                    titles and authors

2017 January                EAMT 2016                             titles and authors

2016 March-May                                                          selected articles 1960-1989

2016 January                IWSLT 2015                            full program

Asling conference 2015           full program

MT Summit 2015                     full program 

2015 November           EAMT 2015                             contents, author indexes updated December 2015

2015 February/May    

Coling 2014                             selected articles author indexes updated June 2015

EMNLP 2014                          selected articles, author indexes updated June 2015

ACL 2014                                selected articles

BUCC 2014                             full program

SSST 2014                               full program

AMTA 2014                            full proceedings

2015 January                IWSLT 2014                            full program

Asling conference 2014           full proceedings


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