Translating and the Computer 37


26-27 November 2015

One Birdcage Walk, London


Editions Tradulex, Geneva


The International Association for Advancement in Language Technology




Alan Melby: QT21: a new era for translators and the computer……1-11


Anna Matamala, Andreu Oliver, Aitor Álvarez and Andoni Azpeitia: The reception of intralingual and interlingual automatic subtitling: an exploratory study within the HBB4ALL project…..12-17


Constantin Orasan, Alessandro Cattelan, Gloria Corpas Pastor, Josef van Genabith, Manuel Herranz, Juan José Arevalillo, Qun Liu, Khalil Sima’an and Lucia Specia: The EXPERT project: advancing the state of the art in hybrid translation technologies…..18-23


Klaus Fleischmann: From occasional quality control to collaborative quality assurance…..24-26


Martin Benjamin, Amar Mukunda and Jeff Allen: Kamusi pre-D-source-side disambiguation and a sense aligned multilingual lexicon…..27-32


Andrzej Zydroń: FALCON: building the localization web…..33-36


Miguel Á.Candel-Mora: Evaluation of English to Spanish MT output of Tourism 2.0 consumer-generated reviews with post-editing purposes…..37-47


Bianca Prandi: Use of CAI tools in interpreters’ training: a pilot study…..48-57


William Lewis: Skype Translator: breaking down language and hearing barriers. A behind the scenes look at near real-time speech translation…..58-65


Anna Estellés and Esther Monzó: The catcher in the CAT. Playfulness and self-determination in the use of CAT tools by professional translators…..66-78


Anna Matamala: The ALST project: technologies for audiovisual translation…..79-89


Olga Torres, Ramon Piqué Huerta, Marisa Presas Corbella, Pilar Sánchez-Gijón, Adrià Martín Mor, Pilar Cid-Leal, Anna Aguilar-Amat, Celia Rico-Pérez, Amparo Alcina-Claudet and Miguel Ángel Candel-Mora: The use of machine translation and post-editing among language service providers in Spain…..90-95


Marianne Starlander: Let the EAGLES fly into new standards: adapting our CAT tool evaluation methodology to the ISO 25000 series…..96-101


Andrzej Zydroń: Neocortical computing: next generation machine translation…..102-105


Jan Van den Bergh, Eva Geurts, Donald Degraen, Mieke Haesen, Iulianna van der Lek-Ciudin and Karin Coninx: Recommendations for translation environments to improve translators’ workflows…..106-119


Kshitij Gupta and Lily Wen: Going global? Let’s measure your product for world-readiness!.....120-126


Paola Valli: The TAUS Quality Dashboard…..127-136