Coling 2014


Proceedings of Coling 2014

the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Dublin, Ireland

August 23-29, 2014


Selected articles [from ACL Anthology]



Technical papers


Dynamically integrating cross-domain translation memory into phrase-based machine translation during decoding

Kun Wang, Chengqing Zong, & Keh-Yih Su…..398-408


Machine translation quality estimation across domains

José Souza, Marco Turchi & Matteo Negri…..409-420


Investigating the usefulness of generalized word representations in SMT

Nadir Durrani, Philipp Koehn, Helmut Schmid & Alexander Fraser…..421-432


Confusion network for Arabic name disambiguation and transliteration in statistical machine translation

Young-Suk Lee…..433-443


Fourteen light tasks for comparing analogical and phrase-based machine translation

Rafik Rhouma & Philippe Langlais….444-454


A framework for translating SMS messages

Vivek Kumar Rangarajan Sridhar, John Chen, Srinivas Bangalore & Ron Shacham…..974-983


A hybrid approach to features representation for fine-grained Arabic named entity recognition

Fahd Alotaibi & Mark Lee…..984-995


A dependency edge-based transfer model for statistical machine translation

Hongshen Chen, Jun Xie, Fandong Meng, Wenbin Jiang, & Qun Liu…..1103-1113


Fast domain adaptation of SMT models without in-domain parallel data

Prashant Mathur, Sriram Venkatapathy, & Nicola Cancedda….1114-1123


Discriminative language models as a tool for machine translation error analysis

Koichi Akabe, Graham Neubig, Sakriani Sakti, Tomoki Toda, & Satoshi Nakamura…..1124-1132


A structured language model for incremental tree-to-string translation

Heng Yu, Haitao Mi, Liang Huang, & Qun Liu…..1133-1143


A lexicalized reordering model for hierarchical phrase-based translation

Hailong Cao, Dongdong Zhang, Mu Li, Ming Zhou & Tiejun Zhao…..1144-1153


Enriching Wikipedia’s intra-language links by their cross-language transfer

Takashi Tsunakawa, Makoto Araya, & Hiroyuki Kaji…..1160-1168


Building a hierarchically aligned Chinese-English parallel treebank

Dun Deng & Nianwen Xue…..1511-1520


 Rediscovering annotation projection for cross-lingual parser induction

Jörg Tiedemann…..1854-1864


A neural reordering model for phrase-based translation

Peng Li, Yang Liu, Maosong Sun, Tatsuya Izuha, & Dakun Zhang….1897-1907


Recurrent neural network-based tuple sequence model for machine translation

Youzheng Wu, Taro Watanabe, & Chiori Hori…..1908-1917


Class-based language modeling for translating into morphologically rich languages

Arianna Bisazza & Christof Monz…..1918-1927


Latent domain translation models in mix-of-domains haystack

Hoang Cuong & Khalil Sima’an…..1928-1939


Does a computational linguist have to be a linguist? [abstract]

Martin Kay….2030


Query lattice for translation retrieval

Meiping Dong, Yong Cheng, Yang Liu, Jia Xu, Maosong Sun, Tatsuya Izuha, & Jie Hao…..2031-2041


RED: a reference dependency based MT evaluation metric

Hui Yu, Xiaofeng Wu, Jun Xie, Wenbin Jiang, Qun Liu, & Shouxun Lin…..2042-2051


Quality estimation of English-French machine translation: a detailed study of the role of syntax

Rasoul Kaljahi, Jennifer Foster, Raphael Rubino, & Johann Roturier…..2052-2063


Effective incorporation of source syntax into hierarchical phrase-based translation

Tong Xiao, Adrià de Gispert, Jingbo Zhu, & Bill Byrne…..2064-2074


Limitations of MT quality estimation supervised systems: the tails prediction problem

Erwan Moreau & Carl Vogel…..2205-2216


Augment dependency-to-string translation with fixed and floating structures

Jun Xie, Jinan Xu, & Qun Liu…..2217-2226


Soft dependency matching for hierarchical phrase-based machine translation

Hailong Cao, Dongdong Zhang, Ming Zhou, & Tiejun …..2227-2236


System demonstrations


MT-Equal: a toolkit for human assessment of machine translation output

Christian Girardi, Luisa Bentivogli, Mohammad Amin Farajian, & Marcello Federico….120-123


The Matecat tool

M.Federico, N.Bertoldi, M.Cettolo, M.Negri, M.Turchi, M.Trombetti, A.Cattelan, A.Farina, D.Lupinetti, A.Martines, A.Massidda, H.Schwenk, L.Barrault, F.Blain, P.Koehn, C.Buck & U.Germann……129-132