Computers in translation

A practical appraisal

Edited by John Newton


London and New York



[ISBN: 0-415-05432-X]




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Contributors x

Preface xvi

Abbreviations and acronyms xviii

1 Introduction and overview. 1

John Newton


2 The story so far: an evaluation of machine translation in the world today. 14

Jeannette Pugh


3 Made to measure solutions. .33

Annette Grimaila in collaboration with John Chandoux


4 The Perkins experience. 46

John Newton


5 Machine translation in a high-volume translation environment. 58

Muriel Vasconcellos and Dale A.Bostad


6 Esperanto as an intermediary language for machine translation. 78

Klaus Schubert


7 Limitations of computers as translation tools. .96

Alex Gross


8 Computerized termbanks and translation. ...131

Patricia Thomas


9 The translator workstation. 147

Alan Melby


10 SYSTRAN: it obviously works but how much can it be improved? 166

Yorick Wilks


11 Current research in machine translation 189

Harold L.Somers


Bibliography 208


Glossary of terms 222


Index 228