Feasibility Study on Fully Automatic High Quality Translation


Dr.Winfred P. Lehmann

Dr.Rolf Stachowitz


University of Texas


Rome Air Development Center

Air Force Systems Command

Griffiss Air Force Base, New York



Final Technical Report

December 1971




Volume 1


Feasibility study on fully automatic high quality translation



Zbigniew Pankowicz [and] Franz H.Dettmer                                                          ii


Abstract                                                                                                                 iii


Technical evaluation

Zbigniew L.Pankowicz                                                                                         iv-ix


Table of contents                                                                                                  xi


[Report by Winfred P.Lehmann and Rolf Stachowitz]                                          1-50


Appendix I


Conferences at the Linguistics Research Center                                                    51


Appendix II


Papers of participants                                                                                            53-54


Theoretical study effort of high quality translation

                  Bibliography of relevant papers by consultants and major contributors                                                                                                                                                               55-72


Some reflections on the present outlook for high-quality machine translation    

      Yehoshua Bar-Hillel                                                                                                   73-76


On a fully developed system of linguistic description

      C.F.Fillmore                                                                                                                77-94


Operational problems of machine translation: a position paper

      Paul L.Garvin                                                                                                              95-118


The logic of English predicate complement constructions

      Lauri Karttunen                                                                                                          119-155


The feasibility of high quality machine translation

      John Lyons                                                                                                                  156-162


Philosophy of language and the feasibility of MT: a position paper

      Norman M.Martin                                                                                                       163-174


Toward a theory of computational linguistics

      Jacob Mey                                                                                                                   175-187


Meaning revisited

      Eugene D.Pendergraft                                                                                                  188-323


Volume 2


Syntactic analysis for transformational grammars

      S.R.Petrick                                                                                                                  324-342


Syntactic analysis requirements of machine translation

      S.R.Petrick                                                                                                                  343-355


Analysis of Es liegt eine grosse  Anzahl von Elementen vor                                            

      Annette Stachowitz                                                                                                    356-366


Lexical features in translation and paraphrasing: an experiment 

      Rolf Stachowitz                                                                                                          367-408


Requirements for machine translation: problems, solutions, prospects

      Rolf Stachowitz                                                                                                          409-532


The current status of computer hardware and software as it affects the development

of high quality machine translation

      D.Walker                                                                                                                     533-535


Equivalents and explanations in bilingual dictionaries

      L.Zgusta                                                                                                                      536-548


The shape of the dictionary for mechanical translation purposes

      L.Zgusta                                                                                                                      549-576