Machine Translation and Translation Theory

Edited by

Christa Hauenschild Susanne Heizmann

Mouton de Gruyter Berlin • New York    1997

[ISBN: 3-11-015486-2]

[Workshop held by European Association for Machine Translation, September 1994, Hildesheim University]



Preface                                                                                                            v

Acknowledgements                                                                                           xi

Part I: Aspects of human translation of considerable interest for machine translation

Process models in simultaneous interpretation

Barbara Moser-Mercer                                                                                      3

Using text mappings in teaching consecutive interpreting

Hans G. Hönig                                                                                             19

The importance of functional markers in (human) translation

Christiane Nord                                                                                           35

Translating cultural specifics: Macro- and microstructural decisions

Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast                                                                     51

Textual garden paths-parametrized obstacles to target language adequate translations

Monika Doherty                                                                                           69

Part II : Studies of human translation oriented towards machine translation

How does a Verbmobil affect conversation? Discourse analysis and machine-supported translatory interaction

Birgit Apfelbaum-Cecilia Wadensjö                                                              93

Translation problems and translation strategies involved in human and machine translation: Empirical studies

Birte Prahl-Susanne Petzolt                                                                        123

Automatic interpreting of dialogue acts

Susanne Jekat                                                                                            145


Louis des Tombe                                                                                         157

Interlingual strategies in translation

Peter E. Pause                                                                                            175

Part III: Approaches to machine translation inspired by human translation

The translation objective in automatic dialogue interpreting

Birte Schmitz                                                                                               193

Perspectives for incremental MT with charts

Jan W.Amtrup                                                                                             211

Discourse processing for voice-to-voice machine translation

Susann LuperFoy                                                                                       223

Evaluating translation

Margaret King                                                                                            251

Subject index                                                                                             265