Dan Maxwell
Klaus Schubert
Toon Witkam (eds.)






Conference Proceedings,
Budapest 18-19 August, 1988



Dordrecht – Holland/Providence RI – U.S.A.


(Distributed Language Translation 4)


[copyright Mouton de Gruyter]



W. John Hutchins: Recent developments in machine translation  7

Tibor Vámos: Language and the computer society … 65

Ivan I. Oubine - Boris D. Tikhomirov: The state of the art in machine translation in the U.S.S.R. … 75

Dong Zhen Dong: MT research in China85

Christian Boitet: Pros and cons of the pivot and transfer approaches in multilingual machine translation … 93

Michiko Kosaka - Virginia Teller - Ralph Grishman: A sublanguage approach to Japanese-English machine translation … 109

Iván Guzman de Rojas: ATAMIRI - interlingual MT using the Aymara language  123

Klaus Schubert: The architecture of DLT - interlingual or double direct?  131

Christa Hauenschild: Discourse structure - some implications for machine translation … 145

Jun-ichi Tsujii: What is a cross-linguistically valid interpretation of discourse?157

Christian Galinski: Advanced terminology banks supporting knowledge-based MT … 167

Wera Blanke: Terminologia Esperanto-Centro - efforts for terminological standardization in the planned language … 183

Dietrich M. Weidmann: Universal applicability of dependency grammar  195

Bengt Sigurd: Translating to and from Swedish by SWETRA – a Multilanguage translation system … 205

Gábor Prószeky: Hungarian - a special challenge to machine translation? … 219

Claude Piron: Learning from translation mistakes … 233

Petr Sgall: On some results of the conference … 243

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