Building Lexicons for Machine Translation

Papers from the 1993 AAAI Spring Symposium

March 23-25, Stanford, California

(Technical Report SS-93-02)

AAAI Press

Menlo Park, California



[copyright of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence; copies of papers may be accessed from their website]




Three-Level Knowledge Representation of Predicate-Argument Mapping for Multilingual Lexicons -- Chinatsu Aone and Doug McKee

Large Lexical European Projects and the Multilingual Aspect -- Nicoletta Calzolari and Antonio Zampolli

Multilingual Lexical Representation -- Ann Copestake and Antonio Sanfilippo

Tracking Verbs Across Languages -- Beth Levin

How to Overcome Translation Mismatches -  An Inference Driven Mapping Between Mean­ing Representations -- Bianka Buschbeck-Wolf

Lexical Issues in Dealing with Semantic Mismatches and Divergences -- James Barnett and Elaine Rich

Constraints on the Space of MT Divergences -- Bonnie Dorr and Clare Voss

Grammatical Semantics and Multilinguality: What Stands Behind the Lexicon?-- John A. Bateman

Using Patterns as Language Independent Lexical Representations -- Richard F.E. Sutcliffe, Annette McElligott, and Gerry Ó Néill

Using On-Line Thesaurus in Machine-Aided Translation Systems -- Sylvie Regnier, Frederique Segond, and Shirley Thomas

The Status of Semantics in Multilex -- Nicole Modiano

The MT Lexicon and the Translation of Compounds -- Paul Bennett, Marta Carulla, and Kerry Maxwell

A Probabilistic Approach to Japanese Lexical Analysis -- Virginia Teller and Eleanor Olds Batchelder

The Use of Machine Readable Dictionaries in the Pangloss Project -- Stephen Helmreich, Louise Guthrie, and Yorick Wilks

Collocations, Dictionaries, and MT -- Dirk Heylen, Kerry Maxwell, and Susan Armstrong-Warwick

Towards a Theory of Polysemy -- D. Alan Cruse

Translation by Confusion -- Hinrich Schuetze

Combining Logic-Based and Corpus-Based Methods for Resolving Translation Mismatches -- Megumi Kameyama, Stanley Peters, Hinrich Schuetze

Automatic Dictionaries in the ETAP-3 System -- D. Ju.  Apresjan, I. M. Boguslavsky, L. L. Iomdin, A. V. Lazursky, L. G. Mitjushin, V. Z. Sannikov, L. L. Tsinman

Get It Where You Can: Acquiring and Maintaining Bilingual Lexicons for Machine Trans­lation -- Mary S. Neff, Brigitte Blaser, Jean-Marc Lange, Hubert Lehmann, and Isabel
Zapata Dominguez

Inflectional Morphology Needs To Be Authenticated By Hand -- Robert L. Mercer

Using Machine Readable Dictionaries for the Creation of Lexicons -- David Farwell, Louise Guthrie, and Yorick Wilks

Merging LDOCE and WORDNET -- Kevin Knight

A Producer-Consumer Schema for Machine Translation within the PROLEXICA Project -- Patrick Saint-Dizier

The Semantic and Stylistic Differentiation of Synonyms and Near-Synonyms -- Chrysanne DiMarco, Graeme Hirst and Manfred Stede

Principles and Idiosyncracies in MT Lexicons -- Lori Levin and Sergei Nirenburg

What Kind of Information is Necessary for NLP and MT?-- Makoto Nagao