Machine Translation and the Information Soup

Third conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, AMTA'98,

Lamghorne. PA, USA, October 28-31, 1998

Edited by David Farwell,Laurie Gerber [and] Eduard Hovy

Berlin/Heidelberg/New York: Springer Verlag, 1998

ISBN: 3-540-65259-0

(Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence; Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1529)

Table of Contents

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Tutorial descriptions -- pp.vii-x

John S.White: MT evaluation

Harold Somers: Survey of methodological approaches to MT

Patricia O'Neill-Brown: Survey of (second) language learning technologies

Sergei Nirenburg: Ontological semantics for knowledge-based MT

Gregory Grefenstette: Cross language information retrieval

Monika Woszczyna: Speech to speech machine translation

Eduard Hovy & Danel Marcu: Multilingual text summarization

Panel descriptions -- pp.xi-xiii

Eduard Hovy: A seal of approval for MT systems

Laurie Gerber: The forgotten majority: neglected languages

David Farwell: Breaking the quality ceiling


Technical Papers

Pascale Fung: A statistical view on bilingual lexicon extraction: from parallel corpora to non-parallel corpora -- pp. 1-17

I.Dan Melamed: Empirical methods for MT lexicon development -- pp. 18-30

Monika Woszczcyna, Matthew Broadhead, Donna Gates, Marsal Gavaldá, Alon Lavie, Lori Levin, and Alex Waibel: A modular approach to spoken language translation for large domains -- pp. 31-40

Mari Broman Olsen, Bonnie J. Dorr, and Scott C. Thomas: Enhancing automatic acquisition of the thematic structure in a large-scale lexicon for Mandarin Chinese -- pp. 41-50

Zeynep Öz and Ilyas Cicekli: Ordering translation templates by assigning confidence factors -- pp.51-61

Bianka. Buschbeck-Wolf and Michael Dorna: Quality and robustness in MT—A balancing act -- pp.62-71

Philip Resnik:Parallel strands: a preliminary investigation into mining the Web for bilingual text -- pp. 72-82

Dilek Zeynap Hakkani, Göklan Tür, Kemal Oflazer, Teruko Mitamura, and Eric H. Nyberg 3rd: An English-to-Turkish interlingual MT system -- pp. 83-94

Martha Palmer, Owen Rambow, and Alexis Nasr: Rapid prototyping of domain-apecific machine translation systems -- pp. 95-102

Janine Toole, Davide Turcato, Fred Popowich, Dan Fass and Paul McFetridge Time-constrained machine translation -- pp.103-112

Christopher Hogan and Robert E. Frederking: An evaluation of the multi-engine MT architecture -- pp.113-123

Murat Temizsoy and Ilya. Cicekli: An ontology-based approach to parsing Turkish sentences -- pp.124-135

Guy Bashkansky and Uzzi Ornan: Monolingual translator workstation -- pp.136-149

J.Scott McCarley and Salim Roukos: Fast document translation for cross-language information retrieval -- pp.150-157

Kurt Godden: Machine translation in context -- pp.158-163

Arendse Bernth: Easy English: addressing structural ambiguity -- pp.164-173

Munpyo Hong: Multiple-subject constructions in the multilingual MT-system CAT2 -- pp.174-186

Adam Meyers, Michiko Kosaka, and Ralph Grishman: A multilingual procedure for dictionary-based sentence alignment -- pp.187-198

Jason S. Chang, Sue J. Ker, and Mathis H. Chen: Taxonomy and lexical semantics—from the perspective of machine readable dictionary -- pp.199-212

Dan Loehr: Can simultaneous interpretation help machine translation? -- pp.213-224

Lebelo Serutla and Derrick Kourie: Sentence analysis using a concept lattice -- pp. 225-235

Jörg Schütz and Rita. Nübel: Evaluating language technologies: the MULTIDOC approach to taming the knowledge soup -- pp.236-249

Guo-Wei Bian and Hsin-Hsi Chen: Integrating query translation and document translation in a cross-language information retrieval system -- pp.250-265

Pernilla Danielsson and Katarina Mühlenbock: When Stålhandske becomes Steelglove: a corpus based study of names in parallel text -- pp.266-274

Jin Yang and Elke D. Lange: SYSTRAN on AltaVista: a user study on real-time machine translation on the Internet -- pp.275-285

Ulrich Germann: Making semantic interpretation parser-independent -- pp.286-299

Athanassia Fourla and 0lga Yannoutsou: Implementing MT in the Greek public sector: a users' survey -- pp.300-307

Nari Kim: Statistical approach for Korean analysis: a method based on structural patterns -- pp.308-317

Douglas Jones and Rick Havrilla: Twisted pair grammar: support for rapid development of machine translation for low density languages -- pp.318-332

Bonnie Dorr, NizarHabash and David Traum: A thematic hierarchy for efficient generation from lexical-conceptual structure -- pp.333-343

Michael McCord and Arendse Bernth: The LMT Transformational System -- pp.344-355

Flo Reeder and Dan Loehr: Finding the right words: an analysis of not-translated words in machine translation -- pp.356-363

Kathryn Taylor and John White: Predicting what MT is good for: user judgements and task performance -- pp.364-373

Rocio Guillén: Reusing translated terms to expand a multilingual thesaurus -- pp.374-383

SteveMcLaughlin and Ulrike Schwall: Spicing up the information soup: machine translation and the Internet -- pp.384-397

Hiroyuki Shinnou: Revision of morphological analysis errors through the person name construction model -- pp.398-407

Claudia Gdaniec: Lexical choice and syntactic generation in a transfer system: transformations in the new LMT English-German system -- pp.408-420

Kevin Knight and Yaser Al-Onaizan: Translation with finite-state devices -- pp.421-437

Bonnie Dorr and Maria Katsova: Lexical selection for cross-language applications: combining LCS with WordNet -- pp.438-447

Laurie Gerber and Eduard Hovy: Improving translation quality by manipulating sentence length -- pp.448-460

Yukiko Sasaki Alam: Machine translation among languages with transitivity divergences using the causal relation in the interlingual lexicon -- pp.461-471

Douglas W. Oard: A comparative study of query and document translation for cross-language information retrieval -- pp.472-483

Keith J. Miller and David M. Zajic: Lexicons as gold: mining, embellishment and reuse -- pp.484-493

System Descriptions

Nathalie Côté: System description/demo of Alis Translation Solutions: overview -- pp.494-497

Christian Raby: System demonstration: SYSTRAN Enterprise -- pp.498-500

Edith R. Westfall: Integrating tools with the translation process -- pp.501-505

Bärbel Ripplinger: EMIS: A multilingual information system -- pp.506-509

Jorge Kinoshita: An open transfer translation -- pp.510-513

Qun Liu and Shiwen Yu: TransEasy: A Chinese-English machine translation system based on hybrid approach -- pp.514-517

Achraf Chalabi: Sakhr Arabic-English computer-aided translation system -- pp.518-521

Nathalie Côté: System description/demo of Alis Translation Solutions application: multilingual search and query expansion -- pp.522-525

Brigitte Orliac: Logos8 system description -- pp.526-530

Author Index -- pp.531-532


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